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Our Institution has been present for over 12 years in the market. We make the most of all our students.

Learn Anywhere Online

Online learning can take all sorts of shapes and sizes. So, what to expect varies widely depending on the type of course or program you seek. If you’re looking to gain basic knowledge of a specific topic, a free online course may be the answer. These are more likely to be self-paced, which often means less direct guidance from an instructor. Offerings are available in virtually any subject area that comes to mind, including both soft and hard skills.

Professional Teachers

Investing in a teachers’ professional development program is the best bet for a school district. Once teachers complete the training program, they will be in a favorable position to take up supervisory positions. When this happens, you as a well-trained professional teacher will enjoy the benefits of increasing pay.

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Our Mission

To facilitate life-long learning beyond knowledge acquisition by providing them skills to comprehen.


Our Vision

To provide quality, comprehensive education and raise compassionate global citizens.


Motto & Slogan

Prepare the children so that they can change the world. Raise kids to their potential.

Message From The Principal's Desk

Presidency School is the well-known school in Surat run by Presidency Education Trust. 25 year passed; during the journey of successful 25 years, we aspire to empower all students to succeed in their world by offering a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular opportunities, sports programs, performing arts programs along with life skill based activities.

We impart education to match the advancement in technology and globalization. We march our students ahead with the ethos of moral values and principles. We take pride them grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of the next generation.

Teamwork is the hallmark of Presidency School. A committed and supportive management, dedicated academic staff and the responsible, concerned non-academic staff are our true assets.

Anticipating your valuable co-operation in pursuing the rules regulations and discipline of the school.

Sincerely yours, MISS DEEPIKA SHUKLA (Principal)

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